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In recognition of the fact that no matter how much effort is spent on up front safety engineering, a workplace will never be totally risk free. Therefore, it is prudent that frontline workers have basic knowledge and skill to identify, assess and manage the day-to-day risks that are possible in their assigned work. This one-day training program provides employees with basic risk assessment skills. Employees are able to identify actual or potential hazards emerging in real time and deal with them adequately and appropriately. In addition, WRAP© FrontLine™ has several optional offering that leverage from the basic program.

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WRAP© FrontLine™ makes an injury-free workplace possible. However, for this to become a reality within an organization, management is required to instill a solid foundation of safety fundamentals within the company's frontline workers.

Frontline workers are an organization's players on the field. The way they think about safety and how they approach each and every task is a reflection of their ingrained safety basics. Systems Approach has designed the WRAP© approach to put safety into the hands of the workers. This goal is a simple, but powerful one. It is a critical component for creating a sustaining culture where people think, talk and plan safety basics in all of their work, all of the time. Due to the fact that safety happens on the frontlines, workers must have basic skills for making the right decisions about the risks inherent to their work. WRAP FrontLine provides the basics for workers to recognize what could hurt them and how to take steps to keep themselves safe.

The Process


Safety happens on the front lines, safety is a line responsibility, safety requires effort - both upstream and inflow - and safety is productive. Systems Approach customizes a training program based on the needs of your workforce. The results will ensure that all of the workers on the frontlines are able to master the safety basics.

The simple yet effective process of WRAP© FrontLine™ easily allows for workers to have a solid foundation in these pre-emptive safety basics:

  • Ability: enables workers to perform pre-emptive frontline risk assessment
  • Performance Feedback: creates a positive climate where supervisors and workers can talk frankly about safety and what is important
  • Accountability: strengthens the Internal Responsibility System (IRS)
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