It is important to recognize that, during the events leading up to an incident, control was lost. Of course an investigator must be sensitive to the fact that the concept of being out of control for a period of time (seconds to hours) may not be acceptable language in management ranks. However, if one were to accept the notion that the incident was not a deliberate act, then loss of control is the only logical explanation! Determining what happened to lead to the loss of control, and why it was permitted to occur, is the logical extension of the concept if one is to fix the real problem(s).

By using LOC/In© Incident Investigation training, the trained investigator can begin to understand the basic information needed to ensure corrective action(s) are determined and implemented.

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LOC/In© Workshops

The LOC/In© Workshops Provide:

  • Skills to quickly and confidently gather information related to any level of incident
  • Techniques to accurately determine and record what happened, why it happened and what to fix
  • Methods to clearly and logically present investigation findings and conclusions
  • Software to help the investigator document both the incident and the analysis

LOC/In© Level 2: Two-Day Training Workshop

The LOC/In© 2-day workshop is an expansion of the fundamental 1-day course that includes the LOC/In© Investigator Software. The 2-day workshop increases the frontline supervisor's abilities and skills, as well as their confidence, by the application and practice of in-class exercises and the use of the LOC/In© Investigator Software.

LOC/In© Level 3: Five-Day Training Workshop

This 5-day workshop is aimed at increasing the skills and knowledge of safety professionals, company investigators and health & safety committee members, to in-depth investigation skills for the investigation of high level incidents. The focus of this workshop includes personality type recognition, interview techniques and tactics, data gathering techniques, report writing, and other skills important for high-level investigation. The LOC/In© Investigator Software and training is included within the 5-day workshop.

LOC/In© Investigator Software

The LOC/In© Software v2.02

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Windows LOC/In© Investigator v2.02
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Macintosh OSX Based LOC/In© v2.01
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