The safety performance level of an organization is a direct result of the relationships that are formed between people and the other components of their work systems—the hardware, the procedures, and the managed, physical and social environments.

Our consulting approach for improving safety performance is to always begin with a situational assessment from the perspective of the human performer(s) relative to the other components, not the other way around.

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Consultation Approach

Our safety consulting engagements typically follow a sequence of four logical steps:

  • 1. Understanding the Current Reality
  • 2. Creating Solutions that Meet Clients Needs
  • 3. Solution Implementation
  • 4. Solution Measurement

Please read on for more information on these steps.

Understanding the Current Reality

The first step in any project is to take into account the "current reality" that exists within your organization. In order to achieve this, we perform a gap analysis by benchmarking the characteristics of your organization against those of best-in-class companies. We then produce a report outlining specific needs and/or recommendations. This step of the consulting engagement involves activities such as: data gathering, interviewing, document review, field assessment, etc.

Creating Solutions that Meet Clients Needs

This step uses the data gathered in step one (Understanding the Current Reality) to create a customized safety product and/or service, which will close the gaps identified in the analysis.

Solution Implementation

Solution Implementation includes the planning and actual delivery of your customized safety product and/or service. In this step of the engagement, work commences to close the gaps and meet organizational safety performance needs.

Solution Measurement

This step of the project involves the review and/or assessment of the safety solution provided. Measurement ensures that gaps have been closed and organizational safety performance needs met.

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